Owner: Steven Peters

Built in my shed at Home
Engine:- 1989 Harley 883 Sportster with 1200 conversion high compression wisecoe pistons, ported and polished inlet tract, screaming eagle cams, s&s super ‘e’ carb, short bellmouth, points ignition, modified timing case balanced and lightened crank, offset 22 tooth trans. sprocket cover, cut down and drilled trans. Sprocket 2” stainless steel exhaust system, under slung air cooled oil tank all work done by owner.
Modified 62 Norton Slimline feather bed frame modified, 1” wider at back end to accommodate chain run and rear cylinder head, front and rear engine mounts, rear sub frame by owner.
Front End:-
1998 Buell s3t front end, shaved top yoke, modified stem, cut down front mudguard, stock wheel and breaks, Clip ons, Buell Speedo, Harley Speedo bracket modified by owner. Lucas headlamp and brackets.
Rear End:-
150 tyre on stock Buell wheel, stock Buell rear brake, reversed F X R 48 tooth rear sprocket, Buell rear swinging arm with drop arm removed, modified and re positioned by owner, 98 Buell rear shock.
Miscellaneous:- Alloy petrol tank fabricated to owners spec, One off alloy seats and tail unit hand done by owner, Fuse box, relays etc concealed under tail unit. One off tail light by owner and British Leyland, Q.D seat mounts via Harley evo inlet ‘o’ rings, Battery tray, Alloy mountings, Brackets and linkages wiring loom, oil and brake lines all by owner .