In early March, I had to go and get my gall bladder removed. "Take it easy for 3 - 4 weeks, then slowly work back into things" they said.

Towards the end of that month, after taking it easy like I should, I woke up with a niggle in my back.
Since then, that niggle went to pain, then to agony. Then the same pains started hitting the legs.

Went to the doc. "Not sciatica" she said. "Pain is in the wrong area"
"Lower back muscles seem swollen, take some anti inflammatory tabs and cream to rub in"
"See a physio as well, that should help"

Well, the back pain has gone, but it appears to have taken up residency in my legs.
Calves, front lower legs, front and side of thighs, and sometimes the hip area, the pain comes and goes as it pleases. When it hits, stooping slightly forward helps to ease it.

I was feeling good last week, so I took the Valk out for a short 30 mile spin. All good when I got back, but the following morning I couldn't move.

Was at work today, and all was good until about 3pm, when my legs felt as if they were on fire. Walking was a strain, and sitting down was the only thing that stopped the agony.

Herself has said that until whatever this is clears, the bike is staying in the garage.
Fucking typical! The sun comes out and my lady bans me from my bike.

Looks like I may have to visit yon doc again next week.