I'll update this lads
Got a damaged fuel tank (like hen's teeth to find one )
Fuel pump and fuel sender.
Started her up and eventually got her going.
Changed oil,oil filter and new plugs.
Engine started first tip,sounds beautiful.
First thing I got at was the fork seals.
First one was a fucking cunt.
Got everything off but the tube would not come free.
4 hours later of beating and swearing and no luck.
Eventually had to cut the tube and force it by the seal the other way into slider.
Had the second one apart in less then 20minutes !!!!!!! What the actual fuck!!!
So now to order new tubes,seals ,bushings and retaining clips.
Gonna order them from ABE since they half the price off anywhere I've found!
Today went at the headers as I noticed a hole/leak in them.
My fucking God I only managed to get one of the headers off.
All of them are rusted into the collectors box,the clamps have fallen apart with rust.
5 out of the 8 exhaust header bolts snapped!!!!!!!
Any ideas on getting them out?
Part of the threads is out
Will put up pics later