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do you still have some bolts sticking out? we can have a go when i come back from hols if you still didnt get sorted.
ye still a bit of the bolt sticking. Threads are fucked on it from me welding and bashing the thing to try get it out!!!!.
Ye be great to get a hand.
Unfortunately can't move the bike anywhere giving that the front end is non existent on it at the minute

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Yea a decent mig welder is savage money, even if ya knew someone with a stick welder, would be a better weld to it not as much of a chance of it snapping off. Best of luck with it anyway.
Sound machine.
Ye this fucking Lidl welder is shit or I'm just shit at welding.lol.
Unfortunately don't know anyone with any kinda welder.
Need to just pray to the big man upstairs.lol