Do not reveal your email under any circumstances!!

Just copy the contents of the email you got and all the bullshit!! Posts displaying members emails will be edited and the said email removed!!

Below is a daily average the web site recieves from these fucking idiots!!

If you want to call them names then go ahead!! Slag their attempts at trying to con people!! 90% of this type of scamming comes from Africa!! This section is visible to the outside aswell so take care when submitting data and do not reveal your email!! Reveal their email but kill any links as they can bring you nothing but trouble if you click on them!! Don't even be curious as your putter could easily be infected with a trojan or root kit!! So allways be on your guard when you recieve this type of bullshit and never reply to them!! By replying you have just gave them a working and valid email and now they can sell your email to something 10 times worse that will infect your putter!! Display their bullshit here so all can see!! And maybe we might be able to prevent someone out there getting stung by these fucking wankers!