Hi all
I had one of the best days that I have had in a very long time
Right I hear you say what ya do ?
I got a call yesterday eve from an old & elderly friend asking me to help him in his market garden today ? , Me gardening Ahh fuck it why not .
I set off this morning on my push bike & headed to his gaffe
When i got there I was handed a breakfast from his good lady
He showed me what we had to do and we got stuck in
The weather was beautiful sun all day
We planted 250 turnip plants , 100 corurgette plants and 100 french bean plants
In perfect drills that he had prepared , what a sight when it was all planted
He had to prepare more soil for tomorrows planting , so I got the chance to play with the rotavator great craic . Best bit is I can call any time I need veg and its free .
If you ever get the chance to something like this go for it , hard work but when you drink the first pint when your finished you now you earned it